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Prishtina (CD)


The program of the 1996 formed quintet from Basel is based on new arranged traditional compositions from the kosovo folk music and from this influenced additional self penned compositions, played full of temperament and energy and with the open spirit for the new jazz world. The band had for the first time the possibility to play concerts in Prishtina in September 2001. Those concerts found outstanding reactions of the local population and became a very special experience for all musicians. The various impressions they collected in the reconstruction of that region have been a very strong inspiration for their compositions on this, their second cd release, which became titled after the town Prishtina. The journey to the mother country of the kosovo folk music was a very strong meeting with influences in between tradition and modern times. In these new influences full of tradition, they added self penned compositions with very contemporary trends like nu-jazz and drum’n’bass. These influences have been enlarged by the addition of synthesizers in the band sound. The new album has been presented in Kosovo with big success.
The music of “Kapsamun” lives strongly from the varied characters and musical backgrounds of the bandmembers, which reaches from the Kosovian saxplayer Arsim Leka over Swiss artists which have grown in jazz, blues, bluegrass, folk, experimental music and more, lining up Marcel Zimmermann (violin), Samuel Wettstein (piano, synth., darbuka), Florian Abt (standup bass) and Benjamin Brodbeck (drums and darbuka).

Published: 2002

Genre: Gypsy & Balkan
Label: Brambus


Balkan, Jazz, Switzerland, World Music

Kapsamun - Prishtina (CD)


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