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Reverend Blind Gary Davis
Meet You At The Station (1935 - 1949) (CD)


The Vintage Recordings 1935 - 1945
When Gary Davis made his first records in New York in 1935, he'd been a guitarist for many years; born in Laurens, SC in 1896, by 1904 he owned his own guitar and was playing for dances. By 1911, he was a member of Willie Walker's string band in Greenville. At some point, probably during his first marriage, which lasted from 1919 to 1924, Davis moved to North Carolina, and when he came to record, he was an associate of Blind Boy Fuller, who was also to make his debut on disc on this occasion.
Davis was a guitar genius; that much is obvious from the first notes of this CD. He'd taught Fuller a good deal, but Fuller, though an excellent player, never approached Davis's total command of the instrument. He was not to be ordained until 1937, and in 1935 he was still prepared, albeit uneasily, to sing blues; but he undoubtedly saw himself as a guitarist for God. In later years, he became a god for guitarists, many of whom were made uneasy by his intense fundamentalism, and tried to persuade themselves that Davis performed a non-existent "holy blues". When he did sing the blues, he was a fine and distinctive executant, bringing to the form a much more introspective, personal vocal delivery than the one he used for his religious music. In that area, his singing and preaching are those of a street evangelist, determined both to make himself heard over competing noise, and to attract potential converts by the sheer fervour of his performance. His ferocity seems to have been daunting even to black record buyers of the day, for his 1935 discs do not appear to have sold widely.


01. I`m throwin` up my hands
02. Cross and evil woman blues
03. I am the true vine
04. I am the light of the world
05. O lord, search my heart
06. I saw the light
07. You can go home
08. Twelve gates to the city
09. Have more faith in Jesus
10. You got to go down
11. I belong to the band - hallelujah!
12. The great change in me
13. Lord, I wish I could see
14. Lord, stand by me
15. The angel`s message to me
16. Civil war march
17. I cannot bear my burden by myself
18. I`m gonna meet you at the station

Rok wydania: 2003

Rodzaj: Blues & Jazz & USA
Firma: Document Records


Blues, Gospel, Historical, USA

Reverend Blind Gary Davis - Meet You At The Station (1935 - 1949) (CD)


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