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Mohammad Gomar
Jazza & Jazz (CD)


Mohammad Hussein Gomaris considered on of the best Iraqi players on Jozza recently!
He was taught by the Tajikistani expert Mahmodov within ( 1976-1979) and he was taught by the late Artist Hasan Al Nakeb & Dakhel Ahmad. He was taught the principles of the Iraqi Maqam by the expert Sha’ubi Ibrahim, in addition to the eastern Musical theories sciences by the great Artist Rohi Al Khammash who recommended the Artist Mohammad Gomar to teach musical theories & Analysis in Musical Studies Institute after him.
He worked in the field of melody composing and musical composition in the sense that he composed the music and melodies for a collection of the Iraqi Poems, songs and the music of drama, T.V. & Radio works.
His style in composing was characterized by the Iraqi characteristic acquired by his practice and study for the Iraqi Maqam in Music Studies Institute mixed with the contemporary academic style by studying the Modern Music Sciences in Fine Music Department – Faculty of Fine Arts / Baghdad University. He was highly influenced when he started in terms of musical composition by the style of the well known Kurdish Artist – violin player Anwar Karadaghi who was really considered one of the musical movement pioneer in Kurdstan – Iraq. He followed his style by relying on the Kurdish Signing Folklore mixing it with the instrumental music, that was clear in his musical compositions ( Thraya, Hadel, Roueda Giayan, Thraya Hayati …. etc. )
A lot of brilliant Jozza players are graduated from his school recently. He was characterized by a special style in teaching such instrument mixed with the Iraqi characteristic and the advanced western instrumental technique which he learnt from his master the Tajakistani Mahmodov which was about the scientific and academic use of bow movement and the way of handling and putting the instrument in the sense that he composed a special method for the important exercises of the ancient heritage instrument ( its history goes back up to 2350 before Christ ) corresponding with this style in playing.
He is very grateful to all his teachers who taught him, especially the great artist Munir Bashir 1927-1997 who has shown him a great deal of interest while he was at the beginning stage, that was when he accepted him to join the “ Musical Heritage Ensemble “ since 1976. He traveled through his work with this ensemble to different countries around the world participating in an international & Arab festivals, gaining the practical experience by playing the music of the great players in the Iraqi Maqam , such as Yousif Omar, Sha’ubi Ibrahim and Hamza Al Saadawi & the great Artist Hussein Al Azami the companion of his journey of art and study, they worked together for a long time when they worked in the Iraqi Music Heritage Ensemble & Al Kindi Ensemble, and through dealing with and meeting the artists in all over the world. also grateful to the Melody composer Farouk Hilal who discovered him talent in the field of melody composition, so that he encouraged and pushed him in such field.

Track listing:

1.Greetings From Kurdistan Mountains To The Marshes Of The South
2.Stages In The Audj Maqam
3.A Dance On A Turkish Song
4.In Memory Of Al-Djordina
5.Maqam Dasht
6.Improvisations On Al Hleelawi Maqam
7.Reflections On An Iraqi Song

Published: 2007

Genre: Various & World
Label: Music Words


Fusion, Irak, World Music

Mohammad Gomar - Jazza & Jazz (CD)


  €13.69 €

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